It’s times like these…

Two months and one week ago, I lost one of the most influential people in my life. I’ll never forget the week he passed away. The stress, the sadness, the anxiety, the fear….all of those feelings rank up there as possibly the most difficult time of my life. One thing I didn’t really do while I was tending to my broken heart was eat. I didn’t feel hungry. In fact, I couldn’t tell you one thing I ate during the entire week. I just quite honestly don’t remember.

I remember weighing myself before I got the phone call from my mother that would forever change the course of my life. The scale was scary. I hated what it said. I hate that number so much in fact that I’m deathy afraid to say what it is here. And being shy is something I’ve never been accused of when dealing with my writing. The number on the scale was the heaviest I had ever been.

After we returned home from the funeral, I weighed myself again one week to the hour from the previous time, just to see what the damage was. I have a tendency to snack and munch on whatever I find whenever I am bored, happy, sad, and I figured I ate myself into oblivion while I was mourning. The scale however, reported otherwise. I had lost 7 pounds. While I was thrilled to see a number smaller than it was, I knew that it wasn’t because I was mega healthy. It was because I didn’t eat….at all.

In both moments in life and death, I stop eating. When both of my sons were born, I lost a ridiculous amount of weight simply because I couldn’t eat. When gramps passed, I found that I barely touched food. And while I enjoyed the number, I knew that I had to do it the right way. So I kept it going.

With the support of my fabulous wife, we both ventured into a life changing experience. We count our calories. We exercise. We make better choices when we do go out to eat. In the two months and one week that my accidental weight loss adventure began, I can happily report that I am down 21 pounds.

It feels good. And while that good feeling is there, I know better than to be satisfied. My wife and I made a promise that when we lose X number of pounds, we will treat ourselves to a vacation where we can show off our new bodies. I am so proud of my wife for starting this. She is doing all that she can to not only be a mom, wife, student and employeed, but to also make a commitment to living a healthier life. There will soon be a beach where these two Maestas’ can lay in our swimming suits and not be ashamed.

I like where I am in life right now. I feel energized, but most importantly, happy. Maybe that’s all my gramps wanted. Above all else, the success, riches, was for us to be healthy and happy. With every call, he told me he prayed for our health and our happiness.

We are on our way gramps. We are on our way.Image


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