An evening with simple food & drink

As someone who has been overweight for the majority of my adult life, you’d have thought I would have done a public food review. And if you thought that too,  and you acknowledge it, I will punch you! Just kidding. Kind of….don’t make fat jokes, it’s not nice.

So this is my very first ever food review. Last night, myself and the beautiful Mrs. NMaestas went out for our five year anniversary. We didn’t really have a whole lot planned for the night. In that, we were slightly disappointed thinking it would be a boring evening with simply dinner, a couple of drinks, then head home to watch Everybody Loves Raymond reruns. That was definitely not the case, all thanks to Kevin Shinn and the wonderful staff at Bread & Cup.

I had tagged @breadandcup on twitter, saying that I was excited to celebrate my anniversary by enjoying dinner there and whomever runs their Twitter account responded quickly and graciously offered the first round of drinks be on the house. We obviously graciously accepted and I enjoyed a very delicious Old Fashioned and Jenny had a very good margarita.  My favorite part about the drinks is that they definitely do not skimp on the booze. That was a great way to start dinner.

Our waitress was always very quick to check on us to ensure we had drinks filled. She was my coffee crush when I frequented the Coffee House downtown, she made the best white mochas in town. She was friendly and made our evening very enjoyable.

We received our entrees. I ordered the fettucini with pork meatballs and Jenny ordered the Pork Saltimbocca w/ Fettuccine Romesco. Both presented very well but tasted even better. After trying each other’s dishes, we exchanged. Not because we didn’t like ours, but because the other was exactly what we were looking for. I loved the romesco. It had a great, flavorful and spicy taste to it. The pork had a nice crust from the grill. The pork meatballs were maybe the best meatballs I’ve ever eaten. Both dishes would’ve been licked clean had we not cared and turned into cavemen.  Maybe next time.

The owner and executive chef, Kevin Shinn, came and checked on us once he found out it was us who was celebrating our anniversary. He shared stories about his past and how Bread & Cup came to life. It was refreshing to hear an honest story and to see him succeed in taking a risk. He then noticed that we hadn’t seen a dessert tray. He personally brought out two canolis, filled with this amazing creme, in a double tall shot glass, that was filled with caramel. He told us that we take the canoli out of the glass and pour the caramel over it. The presentation of the whole thing was insanely beautiful. But it tasted so fracking good. Fresh, crisp, and the perfect way to end our meal (well…two more drinks technically ended our meal!)

Bread & Cup will have a long lasting presence in the Haymarket for many reasons. Their use of fresh, local produce, handmade pastas, and simple yet sophisticated menu is something most, if not all Lincolnites can appreciate.  The atmosphere was quiet and relaxing but presented in a way that allows you to enjoy conversation with those you’re sharing meals with. But probably my favorite part of the evening was the customer service. Jenny and I left Bread & Cup feeling like royalty. Each person there was friendly, accommodating and made sure that we had exactly what we needed. Our conversation with Kevin and his willingness to make sure our evening was special went above and beyond what you’d expect on a celebratory evening like ours.

Our anniversary at Bread & Cup will be one that we will remember for years to come. Thanks again to Kevin and the rest of the great crew at Bread & Cup. It was an honor to celebrate our evening with you!


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