He is the Wonder in Their Eyes

For an anniversary/fathers day gift, my beautiful wife regifted the gift I gave her for Mothers Day.  The opportunity to tell a story and have that story portrayed beautifully by the very talented Emily Nix over at Kiss + Tell Me.

The story of my biological father not being in my life is one that will always have left it’s footprint on me. I will always carry the what if’s, the why’s and the WTF’s in my heart…but this story makes me feel like I can do anything. This story makes me feel like I am an excellent father. While I had a stepdad-and he is an excellent man-there was always something missing. This story makes that hole feel a little less empty today.

Thank you Emily for putting together a beautiful story!

Thank you Jenny for providing me with this gift.  You are the perfect mother to my boys and we are so very lucky to have you!

Enjoy the story!

He is the Wonder in Their Eyes
For the Maestas Family

Since they began dating, she knew he wanted to be a father. From the moment they were married, he made it clear how much he desired a family to lead, to guide, to protect and to provide for.

To make up for the father he did not have.

And when they found out they would be parents of a little boy, he cried. He cried tears of fear, of excitement and of opportunity.  Fear, because he had no foundation from which to model fatherhood, and excitement for the chance to be the rock that his son will always have.

To be the man who would never leave.

And in the years since the birth of their first son, and now as the father of two boys, he blesses and leads his sons every day without even realizing it.

His every action echoes his desire to provide for the family he loves. She is in awe of his dedication to bettering their lives. He finishes classwork during his lunch hour, each day one step closer to earning his degree, and an example to his sons to never, ever give up and to honor their commitments.

When he comes home from work and a commute, without a moment’s hesitation he has changed clothes and is with his boys. She falls more in love with him each day as she watches him interact with their sons. She has seen so many families where the father took a back seat role to his wife in raising their family, and her heart bursts to see that this involvement-this passion- to be a dad is all he wants to do and be.

She watches him teach and model all of the things little boys are. He shows them how to cut down trees and throw rocks and wrestle on the floor. To be loud, to be dirty, to be boys- these are all things she can’t show them. But he does, and she is blessed to witness her boys being raised by a man.

A man who is quick to love, forgive and provide an example to not only tell, but show, how to do something. It makes her proud to know he is a disciplinarian to the boys, but also an example of tenderness. She sees his respect for others- no matter who they are-  and is confident in the gentlemen her sons will become because of his teaching. The sons he raises will open doors, mind their manners, say yes sir and ma’am.  And, because they are his sons, they will share his love of baseball.

And they will grow up knowing his heart and compassion for people, his innate sense to see when people are hurting and left out, and his ability put someone at ease. She prays that her boys will follow in his example, and in some ways she sees it happening. Already, she knows she is in trouble, as their oldest son already has his sense of humor and sense of joy in most any situation.

To her, knowing her boys are going to grow up with his instruction is the best expression of love that they can have and that he can show her. She is eager to see their boys grow to become who God has created them to be and to watch them discover the confidence to be able to use their callings in their lives.

She is excited for all of the moments and memories their family is going to make- trips to the mountains, fishing, to the ballpark, camping in the backyard- and to see the wonder in their eyes as they experience something new. She falls more deeply in love with him each day as she sees him teaching them to recognize that wonder, and when she looks at her sons, she knows their eyes sparkle just as his do.

And, just as he comes home each day to the learn the joy of living that his sons are experiencing, she wants him to be affirmed that each new day and new experience is a promise that he is not defined by his past, but creating a legacy for his sons in the present.

He does not need to worry about solving a formula or reading a book to become a perfect dad.

Because he is showing them through all he does that he can be, and he will be, and he is their
perfect dad.


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