to my love…

I look back.

I picture this beautiful woman with soft, milky white skin. Beautiful brown eyes and long curly brown hair. I think about the night we met. The hours we spent talking on the phone. The strawberry shortcake shirts that drove me crazy, yet you pulled it off. I think about missing her dearly when she was gone and I think about the  anticipation I felt when she’d return. I remember her smell…I remember how passionately she would stare into my eyes. I remember laying on the hood of my car, sharing a biggie frosty and enjoying Death Cab for Cutie until the stars were as bright as they could get that night.

I think about our first date at a terrible “fancy” restaurant that was made up with an ice cream cake from DQ and making out during the 2nd season of Lost. I laugh when I think about coming inches away from naming our first born Wily Mo Maestas. I remember joking about a driving trip to the east coast and then the next thing we are in a car driving east.  I remember getting tattoos the night before we drove 25 hours to Boston. What were we thinking?

I remember dancing in the Boston Common with a thousand people watching us but not caring. I miss sitting on the edge of the earth, our feet dangling over the dock and dead jellyfish floating under our feet. I dream about going back to Boston with you.

Our wedding day…a beautiful day with our friends and family gathered around us. Beautiful music, weather, and the most beautiful woman on the world. I am the luckiest man on the face of the earth. And in only a way that we operate, a beautiful day ends with puking and traveling miserably to a terrible honeymoon cruise! Somehow even sick you still glowed of love, beauty and I never thought I could love you more



You come home with a pregnancy test that was broken but contained a hidden positive message. You carried my baby…my first born son. I loved watching you grow not only physically, but maturing into a magnificent mother. I thank God everyday for you and for Him giving me the best mom for my children.

I remember the look on your face when you saw Jack for the first time…the tears streaming down your face and the joy beaming from your eyes. You have never been more beautiful.

2.5 years later, here we are….back at square one. Tired, beaten down, but never happier. You have made our family more complete with our beautiful, handsome Miles. You are a different person than the day I met you.  I didn’t know it…but you found a way to improve perfection. July 26th, 2006, the day I proposed to you, I thought you were perfect.  You were. You still are…but it’s a different kind of perfect.  You find new ways to let me fall in love with you. I am a changed person because of you…I am a better man because of you.

I love you Norm Petersen. Thank you for loving me.


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