With arms wide open

There’s something about the last few days of being comfortable that I can’t quite describe.  6 years ago, it was just me.  5 years ago, it turned into me and Jenny who became my wife.  2 years ago we welcomed a son into this family.  Now, in less than 13 days we will once again, step out of our comfort zone, out of what we know and into parenthood again.  It’s a feeling I enjoy but it’s a bit frightening at the same time.  We have a little monster at 2 years old that is independent and cranky and full of love and huge 2 year old poops and we love him.  But he is a mother lovin handful! Here’s the deal…I wouldn’t trade jack in for anything.  I would straight up die for that kid.  If someone said “Jack’s life is in danger and the only way he can be safe is if you take a gun to your head and end your life,” I would do it.  But one is easy ( for the most part.) I don’t know what’s going to happen with two.  It’s scary….

But it’s also beautiful, knowing that soon I will see this little man who has been kicking mommy’s ribs trying to escape the hatch he’s been locked in for 8.5 months pressing the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42 over and over so mommy’s uterus doesn’t blow up.  I remember holding Jack for the first time.  Hands down, the best moment of my life.

But what will happen with number 2?  Will holding him for the first time take over as the best moment?  Will there be things I love about Miles that I don’t like about Jack and vice versa?  How do you love them both the same?  Does it just happen that way or do you have to fight it?  The unknown is ugly.

I have a hard time believing that I could ever think one is better than the other. They may have different traits but in the end, they are my blood…my life…my sons.  I am so lucky to have 2 boys to teach, to love, to share adventure with and a wife that will give all she can to this family.

Pregnancy is beautiful.  To see my boy grow inside of his mommy has been fun.  I haven’t been able to take many pictures during this pregnancy but we got out on a sub zero day to take some pictures.  I want to share some of the beauty with you that I’ve been blessed with. I’m excited to share this journey of the addition to our family with you.  If you are the praying type, please pray for an easy labor, a healthy boy, and a 2 year old who feels we could never love him less than we do now!


3 thoughts on “With arms wide open

  1. so excited for you guys!! I had some of your same fears- but at least for me, having a second has been the greatest thing!! best of luck to you guys!

  2. It’s an exciting time, praying for all of you as you add a new addition to your family. While I’ve only been at this dad thing for a little over 8 months myself, I’ve been amazed at how naturally things come to ya as you try to be a parent, and I’m sure its the same thing when having a second one. No need to over think it, but let it happen and enjoy it. You’ll do awesome!

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