A Midyear update on my New Years Goals

Since the year is half over, I thought I would follow suit of Tyler Artz and post an update of the goals I set out for in 2010.  Overall-I think I’m doing a pretty good job of doing what I set out to do.  There are some that I haven’t touched…but I think I’m on track for a lot of them.

1. lose 40 pounds to get back to high school weight I’m steadily sitting at about 238.  But to be fair I haven’t been exercising or trying to drop the weight…maybe this is the week I get back on the horse.

2. Play with my son more This has been much easier than expected.  He’s so much fun to play with now as he’s more interactive.  this is maybe my favorite 🙂

3. Enjoy the time I have with my wife and make the quiet time we do have together memorable We have been making an attempt to do more things together but I definitely need to improve on this

4. Watch less TV haha oh boy…We did drop our digital cable…but now I’m watching more junk. Football & the fall season coming up wont’ help this 😦

5. Rely less on facebook when contacting friends This one is difficult because a lot of friends I have are far away and this honestly is the most convenient way to reach them.  Sad…but true.

6. Let go of meaningless grudges I have contacted a few friends this year and have made amends.  There are a couple now that I need to work on…but it’s much easier said than done.

7. Begin the TeamMates mentoring program I have a teammate!! His name is Cisco and he is the cooleset kid around!

8. 20 mile bike ride to raise money & awareness for diabetes TACKLED IT!

9. Go hiking in the mountains at least once TACKLED IT 🙂 13 MILES-1 GLACIER-2 VERY TIRED BOYS

10. go camping & fishing at least 2-3 times We did camp but did not fish.

11. listen to more music I have definitely listened to more music this year.  Mumford & Sons and the new Gaslight Anthem have helped.

12.  build up our savings account  Most of our money goes to bills so this has been extremely difficult.

13. quit drinking pop  I honestly tried….time out….have to take a sip of mountain dew.

14. 1-2 specialty coffee’s/week This I am very proud of-I have completely dropped all speciality coffee’s!  No mochas, latte’s…nothing!  Saving money and my cholesterol!

15. spend less money on eating out/junk foods  We are doing pretty good here….still lots of improving to do.

16. Find a way to make sure the homeless in downtown lincoln have access to food/warm beverages now that the Matt Talbot Kitchen has left the downtown area I don’t know if this one is possible now….the food cart i thought was available is no longer 😦 now this is going to be a very expensive undertaking if we decide to go this route.

17. Go to at least one concert No luck yet…but still lots of time left

18. Go to at least one red sox baseball game We had tickets but completely forgot about my sister’s confirmation so we had to sell them.  They aren’t coming close to Nebraska again so this one is probably out.

19. work out more I’ve done a pretty good job of biking, walking and just getting out.  Thinking about getting the Y membership going again here soon so I can ride to work everyday and shower downtown.

20. Read the bible in a year Sorry Jesus….I tried.

21. Pray more I would say I have been praying more….but if you hadn’t eaten an apple in a year and just had one, you can’t claim to be healthy. Same thing applies here.

22. Read more I have been reading a little more.  I read “Churched” by Matthew Paul Turner in a week and now am working on “Crazy Love” by Francis Chan

23. Blog more I blog once or twice a month but this could be improved

24. Go to at least one of my sister’s events I did make it to my sister’s confirmation but would like to see more of her events.

25. learn how to leave work at work This has been easier than I thought….this new job makes it very easy to do.

This is my list….still a lot of hard work left…but a good first half!


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