My Inciting Incident-time to be accountable.

blueprint for a good day : sleeping in, beautiful wife to make coffee for you, beatboxing to granola christian music, taking pictures, good friends, football, some alone time with my son.  doesn’t get a whole lot better than that.

As I sit here pondering how I am going to complete 25 goals for 2010-my favorite author Donald Miller said in a blog that we will not change unless we are somehow forced to.  Don’t say you’re going do something: follow these steps to eventually reach your goals.

1. want something (lose 40 pounds)

2. envision a climactic scene (standing on top of flattop mountain)

3. Create an inciting incident (miller explains that we wont’ change unless we are forced to)

the last tip is the one i’m going to struggle with.  I definitely want to lose weight, I can see myself on top of a mountain victoriously, one foot on the peak-wearing a superman cape and Queen’s “we are the champions” blaring from helicopters that are showering me with confetti and champagne..but i’m not willing to put in the work to get to that point.  that’s where the inciting incident comes into play.  Here…right now….i’m creating my inciting incident.  Tomorrow I am going to make plans to climb a mountain.  i am going to begin saving money for camping/hiking gear.  If I do not go through with this, I will most likely let some friends, my wife, my family, and most importantly–myself down.  Climbing this mountain will mean a great deal to me if I can finish.  With that training, I will also put myself in good enough shape to make the 20 mile bike ride for Diabetes.  I can see myself reach goals if I can just get the ball rolling….please friends, don’t be afraid to help push.

fyi-this is referencing Donald Miller’s blog @

Dustin Kensrue-I Believe

Seen your face in every child that smiles,
but I can’t help but rejoice.
And I’ve heard the song called thunder,
but I knew it was your voice.
Touched the holes in your calloused hands,
stuck my fingers in your side.
oh I was six-feet-deep in doubt but
now I’m sure that you’re alive

And it’s safe to say we’ll never know everything still blessings we receive.
And it’s safe to say I really don’t know a thing,
still I choose to believe.

Smelt the scent of angel sweet floating in the summer air.
I have breathed in deep the incense,
while the saints send up their prayers.

I have tasted now I see
oh I see that you are good.
And I have ate your perfect body,
and I have drank your blessed blood


And all the answers that I find,
only take me so far down the line.
The tracks always give out
yeah it’s a leap from the lions mouth.


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